Customer Testimonials

Satisfied Customers!

Here are just some of the comments we've received from customers about our masks.



"The mask fit well, the colors were brilliant and sparkled, and matched my costume for a NYE event [Aqua Beach Club, Phillipines 2018] as King Neptune. The shop owner at Folors Fantasy, was friendly and professional.... very satisfied with the product and the Shop. If you want some very creative and cool concept mask designs, I recommend this shop for sure."  ~Professional Vlogger Rico Goldstar as King Neptune with the Sea Queen, Photos courtesy of Henry Richardson aka RichLuvAsia


"Hi! Just want to thank you for rushing the fabulous mask!! I am obsessed with it and got so many compliments. It made my catwoman costume and was super comfortable, well made, really striking and unique."'    ~Dayna


"Thank you for painting my mask completely complimented my costume perfectly! Dark and enchanting!! So well made!!"   ~Vanessa



Baroque Equestrian Games and Institute:  "This was the Musical Presentation :) My Lipizzan's name is Maestoso Aurorra II, affectionately known as Shark!"   ~Candice



Joy & Clyde on the Hogwart's Express:  ''Clyde and Grim were a huge hit at Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade--we were photographed numerous times! It was a blast!''   ~Sandy [ who also bought a puppet ]




Award Winner!  "I did win the competition!!! I also won best presentation in opening costume of Fire and Ice (thank u so much for the winning piece)!"   ~Christopher, Mr. Gold Coast 2016


"Perfect mask for his witch doctor costume!"   ~Jen


I contacted the shop owner with a custom request for a Flash mask big enough to fit over glasses (I can't wear contacts) and with a specified date to have the item by (a 5k hero run). The owner was extremely friendly and helpful and my item arrived with perfect timing (a few days before my 5k). While running and sweating, the mask stayed in perfect place (they did not damage/scratch my glasses or anything) and still looked just as awesome afterwards. It is made beautifully and I'm super pleased with my purchase!"   ~Stevie



"The mask is perfect! Shipped fast and received fast. I have others asking me about it already. Super comfy too."  ~Brianna Y.


"This mask was beautiful. Both were since i made 2 orders. They were perfect!!"  ~Mary Grecco


"This Item is truly amazing I put the mask on and it even scared my cats. The delivery was smooth prompt and fast; and the product was simply amazing you can tell it is complementary to anyones face and once you put it on it takes an entire life of its own! Thank you!"   ~Markus B.


"The mask was perfect for our Halloween needs."   ~M. Ross


"Mask worked great with my Black Cat outfit. Used some Spirit Gum to stick it on and it stuck all night!"   ~Roxxi


"I could not be more happy with this purchase! Everything is as described. Beautiful fine detailing and top notch quality. Helpful, friendly seller and fast shipping!"  ~Amy a.k.a killaspy


"A gorgeous creation, adorable size and extremely well made! Arrived in perfect condition, carefully packaged, and quick too. Everything came as described!"   ~ Cele



"Got Lockheed today. HE IS GORGEOUS!!! By far better than any of the previous puppets I've gotten from various people over the years. Thank you so much."   ~Michael Parks


"Absolutely brilliant! Thank you very much!"   ~Bianca


"I was the talk of the convention!"   ~Steph@WhineyFu Cosplay


"Brian and Patty are the BEST-they kept me updated on progress of the fox as it was being made and it was shipped by the date it needed to be shipped! They are truly professionals in their work and customer service. My Grandson is so in love with his fox and MeMaw is happy that he is happy :0) " ~S.G. Mendez


"I love it! Just as I expected. Lightweight, comfortable and looks awesome"  ~Monika D


"The quality, color, and overall craftsmanship of this mask is really incredible! It was light, comfortable, and secured nicely. I was happy to be able to select the color (blue) and highlights (gold) for a truly unique and customized look. It was worn for a Poseidon Halloween costume and my husband received many compliments on the mask! The item was rushed and delivered in a timely manner. Thank you for creating such a special piece!"  ~Janete P.



"Thanks for the little note you guys are absolutely amazing. These puppets are more than i expected. My wife loves the cheeky smile on her blue imp."  ~Andrew B.


"I absolutely love this mask. It's exactly as described and was delivered a lot faster than I was expecting."   ~Lasha B.


"I am well on my way to being The Spirit for Halloween! Thank you for the awesome mask!!"  ~Dan