Our Masks


We make all of our masks by hand, in-house, out of quality leather.  

You can order any mask style in any color in order to match your costume or RenFaire garb!   



Any handmade item, whether it be a mask, a scarf from your grandmother, or any piece of art, is a special purchase.  It is personal, made to your specifications. And moreover, the heart of the artist goes into the piece. 

Choosing a handmade leather mask from Folor's Fantasy has many advantages:
  1. Uniqueness:  We don't use molds, i.e., your mask is not mass-produced, so it is one-of-a-kind.  
  2. Personalization:  We make each mask upon order, just for you, to match your costume.
  3. Versatility:  When non worn, masks can be hung as pieces of art.  Some customers buy them solely as artwork to display.
  4. Longevity:  Leather is much sturdier than a cheaper material, like plastic. We use quality leather and waterproof it for outdoor wear & indoor moisture!



Our masks begin as visions, then illustrations, by the artist Brian Roloff, who makes each mask himself, from start to finish. 

The design is traced onto high-quality leather, cut out by hand, then formed into the different shapes while wet. The center of the mask is shaped to mimic facial contours. We do not use molds or machines at any time. 

After the mask dries and holds its shape, our artist airbrushes & hand-paints the mask. You can have the mask painted any color you like, as long as we can get the paint!  

Waterproofing & Finish: This is a wonderful feature of our masks! Once the paint is dry, the mask is waterproofed - on both sides - with a moisture-resistant, acrylic sealant that provides a protective coating over the acrylic paint, making our masks ideal for outside Festivals, SCA Events, Parades, or Renaissance Faires. Because we waterproof both sides of the mask, there is some protection from sweat as well!  *** We can give your mask a glossy or matte finish - your choice at checkout. ***

The Final Step: How does the mask stay on?  We offer many options!  After the sealant dries, ties are added to make the mask adjustable, making it comfortable.  Or, you can order the mask without holes or ties - In this case, you can use adhesive to make it adhere to your face, as often done in CosPlay (See more below).  Smaller masks can be ordered with a stick and handheld.

Tie Options: Black ties are offered at checkout in 3 materials:
♦  Cord --- comfortable & secure
♦  Ribbon --- comfortable & elegant
♦  Waxed thread --- waterproof & braided for strength-- this is a bit more expensive, but is the most secure!

Stick: Small masks can be held up with a stick. 

Adhesive Method: Another way to keep your mask on is to use an adhesive, like Spirit Gum, to keep it on your face (some CosPlayers prefer this method).  If you will be attaching the mask with adhesive, order your mask without tie holes (don't worry, it's an option at checkout). We will make the mask more pliable. *** Glue/adhesive not included. Not available for larger masks. ***


We truly enjoy making masks for new costumes; please do not hesitate to contact us with questions!  


Each mask is made upon order so that we can make it special; it will take just a few days for your mask to be shaped, painted, and dried.  (They dry three times - after shaping, after painting, and after waterproofing). 

Typical processing time is 2-5 business days during the regular business season. (During Halloween season, it may take a day or two longer.) 

By purchasing, you understand that it is not pre-made and may take approximately 2-5 business days to be shipped. Be sure this time frame is acceptable before you purchase the mask. 

If you need your mask by a particular date, we can most always accommodate you, but please email us before purchasing. For Rush Service, purchase the following:

Click here for Rush Service