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Complete your Kitty Pryde cosplay! 
This sweet baby Lockheed dragon shoulder-puppet with leather wings is the perfect purple cosplay companion!  Excellent for Comicon, Cosplay conventions, Halloween, and Xmen fandom events.  (We can make him an adult if you want him to look fiercer.)   Great gift for fantasy lovers, and a super fantasy friend for kids, who love our mythical animal pets! 

Strong Earth Magnets in his polymer clay body keep him secured safely on your shoulder via your choice of a leather harness (has metal plate on it) OR metal plate alone (worn under a thin shirt).  Collars available, too!

Order in any color!  Match any fantasy costume or cosplay. 

Measurements:  14" long at longest point; Sits at 7" tall; Wingspan 16" 

Movement: Nod its head up-and-down & side-to-side via a hand-held wire cable to give him a little life! Arms & legs are also articulated, moving like a doll. See him move -- click here!  Visit and subscribe to our YouTube channel here for instructional videos & examples of other creatures we can make for you!


Our Fantasy Familiar shoulder puppets are magical companions created to be your protector, similar to a spirit animal. Once you adopt & befriend one, it is a loyal guardian forever (as long as you are kind to them - don't make them mad)! Fantasy lovers adore them, and children make them their fantasy friends! 

They love traveling to Festivals, Comicon, Cosplay conventions, LARP events, Renaissance Faires & Halloween parties.

When not on your shoulder, they like to guard your computer or bedside!  

Here are the features/colors of this particular puppet. but keep in mind that our shop can customize your puppet in any way! Each puppet is custom made-to-order, sculpted right here in the shop just for you (More below on customizing!). For example, you can change the fur color, or even his eyes, but here are the features of this puppet:  

14" long at longest point; Sits at 7" tall; Wingspan 16" (Every puppet is hand-formed and unique, so measurements are approximate.)  

  • Purple body adorned in 3 shades of purple scales, 2 horns, & 2 lower incisor teeth! 
  • Leather wings - airbrushed purple
  • Long, purple faux fur gives him a great deal of personality!  (Rabbit fur also available).
  • Gorgeous yellow marble eyes.  (Eyes with iris' available.)
  • Options: Magnets, metal plate, and/or metal-plated leather harness. Magnets & harness recommended.


Any puppet can be made a different color, have feathers added, or get other adjustments to better suit your costume.  We are also happy to do custom commissions and create something new, or make a child’s favorite animal. For information on customizing your magical companion creature, see our Puppet Information page here.

Just complete the electronic Puppet Customization Form and it will be emailed to us automatically for a quote.  If you have questions about completing the form, don't hesitate to contact us here or send us a message at folorsfantasy@gmail.com, and we can work with you!

All of our puppets are hand-sculpted with extra love and care - we don't use molds!  Even the leather and feather wings are sculpted and created by the Folor's Fantasy artists right here in the shop. The sculptor is also a leathersmith!  Wings are airbrushed / hand-painted with acrylic paint, and waterproofed.  We know a fantasy familiar puppet is an investment, and It is important to us that you receive an excellent product that you adore and can wear comfortably, so we personally test each one before it ships. Read more about the craftsmanship & longevity here

We are thrilled that our products have been used Worldwide for Cosplay conventions, Festivals, Renaissance Faires, Halloween, & professional photoshoots. They have been worn to Universal Studios, Burning Man, parades, Mardi Gras parties & Carnivale.

See our customers & their comments here!

Our customers range from popular cosplayers, professional models, photographers, and internet personalities to everyday fantasy lovers who just need a mask, crown or puppet for an event!  We are pleased to serve everyone!


If you have any additional questions, please don't hesitate to ask - we look forward to working with you!

* Since our puppets are hand-sculpted and made-to-order so that you can select the colors, they take a bit time & of loving care to create - we want them to look fabulous!  We ship as soon as we can, and work with you on your event date.  Puppets may take approximately 2-6 weeks, depending on our order load at the time, but we can usually ship sooner if you have an emergency and need it rushed; just let us know your event date and we will work it out.

You might want to contact us before you order just to be sure we an make your needed arrival & "adoption" date in case we need to order some materials in the colors you want, or we are super-busy, which happens in the weeks leading up to Halloween! Also, please keep in mind that since pieces are made-to-order and hand-made, photos are examples.


e are happy to match a costume, create something new, or make a child’s favorite animal. For information on customizing your creature, see our Puppet Information page here.

Just complete the Puppet Customization Form and it will be emailed to us with your order. Don't hesitate to contact us with questions at folorsfantasy@gmail.com



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