RenFaire Withdrawl: Call the Apothecary!

Posted by Brian & Patty Roloff on

Am I the only one going crazy from Medieval Faire and Renaissance festival COVID closures? I don't know about you, but I could use some fresh mead with a Viking ale chaser and a turkey leg.


I think my costumes are getting dusty, it's so bad. Super depressing. 

This is typical of what I'm seeing online:

"Tickets are not currently available for the Bristol Renaissance Faire. Please stay safe and we cannot wait to welcome you to the Faire soon!"    ~


So my quest is to look for virtual faires or events to liven my spirits, so if you know of some worth checking out, please post them below. 

Here's one I found on Facebook:  Digital RenFaire

Meanwhile, I'm living vicariously through old photos of me and Folor (my hubs), and surfing Ye Ole YouTube for clips of the The Mud Show.

Brian and Patty at Bristol Renaissance Faire

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