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Renewal, inspiration, spiritual balance, and immortality:
just a few of the qualities you might channel with this headdress! Wear during Wiccan ritual, pagan ceremony, Burning Man festival, or even sorceress fantasy cosplay.

Teal, the color of restfulness and mental & spiritual balance, combines the calming properties of blue with the renewal qualities of green. Some say it is a revitalizing and rejuvenating color that also represents open communication and clarity of thought. 

The peacock, animal totem and spirit animal, is symbolic of integrity & rejuventation. In Buddhism, peacocks are symbols of wisdom; in China, dignity & beauty. Ancient Greeks held these birds as a symbol of immortality.

Headdresses avoid the heat of a mask, so comfortable for wearing all day at events. Great for Halloween, Cosplay conventions, Renaissance Faire, SCA, Greek Goddess Cosplay.  Order any color.

Waterproofed leather, glossy or matte finish, & several choices to affix the mask (cord, elastic, ribbon, waterproof cord).

Measurements:  11.5" high x 15" wide (tallest & widest points); 5.5" high between the eyes.


    Any mask, crown or headpiece can be painted a different color or have stones/crystals/feathers added. We are also pleased to do custom commissions if you would like adjustments to the style to better suit your needs. Just send us a message here and we will work with you! 

    All of our items are handmade with extra care, & airbrushed / hand-painted with acrylic paint by the Folor's Fantasy artists right here in the shop.  It is important to us that you receive an excellent product that you can wear comfortably, so we personally inspect each one before it ships for aesthetics and craftsmanship.  Read more about the craftsmanship & longevity here

    Our masks are made to last. Formed of waterproofed vegtan leather, their structure is rigid enough to hold their shape for hours of wear, yet have enough pliability to form to your face comfortably.  They will maintain their form for years to come, so can be reworn and even mounted on the wall as decoration when not being used.

    We are privileged that our pieces have been used in professional photoshoots, film, equestrian shows and theatre productions. They have been worn to Burning Man, parades, festivals and Renaissance Faires (waterproofed with moisture-resistant protective sealant make them great for outdoor events!)  They've also been worn in weddings, Mardi Gras, Carnivale, L.A. Halloween parties & New Year's Eve balls.

    See what our customers have to say here!

    Our customers range from popular cosplayers, professional models, photographers, and internet personalities to everyday folks who just need a mask, crown or puppet for an event!  We are pleased to serve everyone!


    If you have any additional questions, please don't hesitate to ask - we look forward to working with you!

    * Our pieces are made-to-order, but will be shipped quite quickly (approximately 3-5 business days, sooner if you need it rushed; just let us know your event date and we will work it out!).  Since pieces are made-to-order, photos are examples.

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